# 609
2017-07-05 Petro-money, the first cryptocurrency with real value

After the bitcoin, here is the bilur: a new virtual currency that was officially launched in Geneva with the ambition to compete with the bitcoin. Its peculiarity is that its value relies on energy prices. A bilur is equivalent to one tonne of oil, or $ 342 at the current rate. Click the link below in order to watch the video.
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Fuente: Radio Canada

# 608
2017-04-27 Bilur, the new way of investing family and corporate resources globally

In current times, the great uncertainty around the performance of fiat money, in traditional financial systems, where Banks do not offer benefits, makes it an ordeal to try and shelter these assets. Hence the need for a tool to protect family and corporate wealth. When a money surplus is available, it is equally difficult for the rookie and for the experienced investor to find a good investment for that fiat money surplus. From this point of view, and thanks to new technologies, it is now possib
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Fuente: infoCoin

# 607
2017-04-26 Why do investors always loose with oil ETFs?

In last week’s article ‘And the financial apocalypse finally took place’, we discussed fiat currency lack of real tangible support and the risks of the current economic situation. Energy, as a necessary component of all modern societies, and a measurable commodity with real value, is the opposite of fiat money, and should be the cornerstone of a new money system, such as the gold used to be. Although it is a well-known fact that gold has historically been the shelter of money’s value, in a stri
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Fuente: El Confidencial

# 606
2017-04-22 Rfintech présenter la première crypto-monnaie du monde protégée par une valeur énergétique réelle.

C’est Genève que la société R FinTech Plc, basée à Londres, a choisie pour présenter la première crypto-monnaie du monde protégée par une valeur énergétique réelle.
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Fuente: rFintech PLC

# 605
2017-04-21 USD 53 million worth of bilur issued after purchase of 1 million oil barrels

154,297 bilurs were issued as a result of the initial oil purchase of 1 million barrels. Current market cap at USD 53 million. Bilur is the next generation cryptocurrency as it provides an innovative approach to value protection by backing up its value on stored physical energy. Which means that behind each bilur, there is a certain amount of energy commodities in storage to support it, thus reducing price volatility risk…
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Fuente: coinTelegrah

# 604
2017-04-19 And the financial apocalypse finally took place

Everything begun with the inevitable fall of fiduciary currency. Since 1971, when president Nixon abandoned the gold standard, the world operated under a money system called ‘fiat’. It was a system based on society’s trust and the payment promise of the entity issuing the currency. Even though only governments were entitled to issue fiat currency, banks created it through loans and credits. Money supply grew exponentially, to a point where that surplus was threatening with a new economic crisis.
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Fuente: El Confidencial

# 603
2017-04-19 Y así sucedió el Apocalipsis financiero

La máxima de Trump 'América primero' se extendió como un reguero de pólvora y del proteccionismo se pasó al aislacionismo con el 'crash' definitivo del sistema de pagos mundial
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Fuente: El confidencial

# 602
2017-04-04 'Confidential Assets': Blockstream Reveals New Bitcoin Privacy Tech

Bitcoin startup Blockstream has unveiled new technology for shielding data on a blockchain. Expanding on an old technique used to hide transaction amounts, the company has developed a new scheme dubbed 'confidential assets' to conceal the types of assets in a transaction. Revealing just how the tech works, the startup has released a new paper today, co-authored by Blockstream developers Andrew Poelstra, Adam Back, Mark Friedenbach, Greg Maxwell and Pieter Wuille.
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Fuente: coin desk

# 601
2017-04-04 The Gold Rush Begins: The Day Bitcoin Topped the US Dollar

One of bitcoin's earliest angel investors, Roger Ver has backed a number of startups including BitPay, Purse and ShapeShift, and is the owner of resource portal Ver is noted as both an outspoken evangelist for the technology and one of the first 'bitcoin millionaires'. In the first entry in CoinDesk's "Bitcoin Milestones" series, Ver discusses his initial brush with the technology and recounts the watershed moment when a single bitcoin became more valuable than the US dollar.
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Fuente: coindesk

# 600
2016-10-17 Central Banks Consider Bitcoin’s Technology, if Not Bitcoin

The central bankers do not want their institutions to own or use Bitcoin itself. Instead, they hope they can use the decentralized method of record-keeping introduced by Bitcoin — known as the blockchain or distributed ledger — to complete and record transactions in the real economy more efficiently, quickly and transparently.
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Fuente: nytimes

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